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March 21, 2023

What Do You See?

What Do You See?

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I heard this message a couple of days ago and it really has me thinking and asking myself “what do I see”. Twice in the same day, this question through two sources that one has nothing to do with the other came up. When I sat and meditated on this question, I became aware of the Blessings I received through this message, and I want to share the Blessings of this message with you all. This message touched me deep within and has had a profound effect on me as I know it will have on you as well. My intention for sharing this message with you all is to send you love, light, healing, blessings, and inspiration.

What do you see?

Dig Deeper.

When you are faced with a difficult situation “what do you see”?

Do you see only the difficulty, chaos, and drama in the situation, or do you see an opportunity for growth and expansion? In the difficult situation you are experiencing there is so much more than what you are experiencing right now. The reason that you don’t see more of it is that it is being concealed and what is concealing it is your limitations of seeing the bigger picture. This is not just in difficult situations but life in general. I am not talking about work or achievements to get more. I am talking about seeing the whole picture not just what is in front of you and what you are facing.

For example.

If you were standing in the middle of a field and you asked yourself “what do I see” how would you answer? Would you answer that you see the trees, grass, and sky, maybe the color of the grass and of the leaves on the trees or the color of the sky but is that all there is? What if I told you that you only see a certain percentage of physical reality but there is so much more than what meets the eye? The ground under the grass you are standing on holds so many treasures deep within. That ground is a part of Earth where there is silver, diamonds, copper, crystals, gold, and so much more like fuel and gasses, etc. The physical reality is much greater concealed than what is revealed. We only see a small percentage of all that exists. There is a tremendous amount more than what you are experiencing. How do you gain access to the “more”? You gain access by digging deeper. There will be times when you will be aware of the “more” and there will be times when you won’t and that’s okay just keep going deeper. For those of you who are asking “what does it mean to dig deeper”? I wrote the reason that you don’t see more of it is that it is being concealed and what is concealing it is your limitations of seeing the bigger picture. What are those limitations? Trauma, unforgiveness, anger, depression, resentment, I think you got the idea, and digging deep is going within and healing and letting go of those negative thoughts and emotions. Why? How can you see the bigger picture of a situation that involves someone you are angry with and can’t seem to forgive? Digging Deep entails being open and receptive, being truthful with yourself, and forgiving just to name a few. When you are faced with a challenge or life in general or even when you are visiting with family, or you are in a park ask yourself “what do I see”. Remember that there is so much more than what you see take time out and go within yourself to become aware of what that more is. Letting go and releasing negative thoughts and emotions, negative mindsets, and thought patterns will help you to see more. It will open your heart to unconditional love, and compassion towards yourself and others. It will help you connect and be in alignment with your inner being the essence of who you truly are, and you allow the Light to come in. There is so much more than what you see like blessings in the lesson learned, light, freedom, liberation, spiritual energy, etc.

Ask yourself “what do I see”?

“How much more is there for me”?

It’s okay to search for spiritual tools to help you whether, for example, it is a book on inner-child work and/or shadow work or yoga. Once you begin using these resources, and tools you will become aware of the bigger picture, and the more it will inspire you to keep digging deeper.


 All the Love