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Dec. 25, 2022

You are the Creator of your Experiences

You are the Creator of your Experiences

Hello Beautiful Souls,

 As we head toward the end of 2022 and you start to reflect on the past experiences you’ve had this year accept all that you have created for yourself - your past and present. This year has been very intense for many but through these experiences, you are meant to grow, expand, be awakened, and transform. They are to make you stronger, and more resilient, and to guide you to open your heart. Allow yourself to release and let go of what no longer serves your best and highest good. Everything you have been through has led you here to read this message. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. The Universe is giving you a nudge and is saying it is time to let go and forgive your past experiences. 

“The insight that I’ve gained from my most challenging chapters has helped me build the foundation for so much good to be built in my life”

  • Shawn Fontaine

Choose to Allow your future to happen because you always hold the power and control of your own life experiences. You are the Creator of your experiences.

“I am the Creator of my experience I choose to Allow my future to happen”


All the Love

Monique (Willow)