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March 11, 2023

A Message from Spirit

A Message from Spirit

Hello Beautiful Souls,

A Message from Spirit

Judging Yourself

 When you make a mistake, you tend to be hard on yourself and judge yourself. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes because you can learn, grow, and expand from them. Mistakes can teach you what you want or don’t want in your life for example how will you know what is good if you don’t know what is bad and how will you know what is bad if you don’t know what is good? Knowing these two gives you the choice of whether you want good or bad in your life, but you must know the two to be able to choose. When you judge yourself, you create blockages, and you project these judgments onto others which in return will be reflected back to you. How?  Because you are also attracting more things, situations, and people in your life that you will judge, or will judge you. How you feel about yourself will always be reflected back to you through how others around you treat you. Be merciful, compassionate, and kind to yourself. Spirit is so merciful, compassionate, and kind even when you make the biggest mistakes, you should be and do the same to yourself.


I strive for my best without comparison or harsh self-judgment.

I learn and grow from my mistakes.