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Jan. 11, 2022

What Is Holding You Back?

What Is Holding You Back?

I wrote in part 1 of " What does it mean to be in Alignment " about how Fear can stop you from doing things that are for your best and highest good. Whether it is because of abuse, trauma, the way you were conditioned growing up, or society said you should or shouldn't, whatever the cause of the fear it is one of the many emotions and thoughts that can debilitate you from moving forward. It can stop you from doing what is for your best and highest good and from being in alignment. I realized that being in alignment is releasing the fear and not allowing the thought and emotion to stop me from doing what is for my best and highest good. Have you ever noticed when you are saying something and your thoughts and emotions contradict everything you are saying? What the Universe picks up on is the thoughts and emotions not what you are saying because the energy of the emotions and thoughts are the ones being projected to the Universe. For example; you want to manifest a car and your thought and emotions are projecting doubt then you are not going to manifest it because the energy you are projecting is opposite to the energy you should be projecting, which is appreciation. After all, it is already yours. So what you are manifesting is more things to doubt. Here is another example; you are telling someone you are proud of them and they are doing a great job but your thought and emotions feel they can do better.


During my healing journey, some blood results from a blood test I took came back. One of the tests came back with very high A1C sugar levels, which put me in a diabetes type 2 category. I was a diabetic in the past and had brought it down to borderline diabetes. This was the consequence of stress eating, which I was doing a lot during my healing. There was a lot of resistance on my part and I was stressed because I knew I had to let go. Now, the magical part is that the doctor did not put me on medication I was already on blood pressure medication and Prilosec. He told me and I quote "you need to take responsibility for your health". He felt I was already on two medications and didn't need anymore. I know some would have gotten angry and reacted most likely threatened to sue the doctor but I agreed with him. Some doctors would have just added another prescription or two. So a new journey began for me and that was changing my bad eating habits and starting to eat healthily. That is exactly what I did I stopped eating junk food, rice, bread, frozen foods, anything high in carbohydrates, fatty foods, sodium, and sugar along with other things. I started eating organic vegetables and fruits. I only drink water and decaf coffee, which I am slowly but surely weaning myself off the coffee and I drink a lot of tea with healing herbs. I even started following and watching The Medical Medium and purchased all his books. I learned so much from him about healing herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables. I also learned from him that food has its frequency yes! let me repeat that food has its frequency. I even learned clothes does as well but I am still looking into that. Can you imagine that we are not only projecting energy but ingesting it as well? I started thinking about how healing and letting go can raise our frequency but what happens when we are ingesting low vibrational foods. 


  1. Processed foods. 
  2. Junk food ( by the way there is a reason why its called Junk food)
  3. Drinking soda.
  4. Juices.
  5. Dairy.
  6. Fatty foods


I think you get the picture. 

These foods attack the Liver and then it's a domino effect. Another thing I learned is what is called the "itis" you know when we get sleepy after a meal and want to take a nap. That means your Liver is overwhelmed with all the food you have ingested that are high in fats. Ever heard of a fatty liver and those who have it have Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and other health issues. This blew my mind because I have a fatty liver. Reading the books, watching his videos, and listening to his podcast I learned so much and I completely changed my eating habits. I must admit I went through a cold-turkey detox. Can you imagine after so many years feeding my body, organs, systems, etc..all this junk? I completely changed my eating habits and I had no idea I was going to go through what I went through that was when I realized that we get addicted to these foods that are harmful to us. Thank goodness The Medical Medium has recipes for some great tasting foods that I was able to have as snacks and he also suggests some things to help with sugar cravings. I am so grateful for that because I was craving really bad and what he suggested worked. Stay with me, after about 3 weeks I started noticing my body started calming down and I started to feel lighter no more feeling like I was dragging my body through the mud. A lot of the aches and pains I was feeling in my body were subsiding. The fogginess in my brain was gone I was starting to be able to focus and my memory improved significantly. There were so many things that I was noticing were changing within me. Things that I gave up trying to manifest in my life started showing up. My intention is not to promote the medical medium even though I think everyone should look him up but to share my experiences of the changes I went through when I made the conscious decision of eating healthy and taking better care of myself. I was already checking my sugar levels and blood pressure before this all transpired but I started noticing my sugar levels were stabilizing and my blood pressure was very low because I was on medication and by not eating foods with high sodium my blood pressure also stabilized. I went to the doctor and he took me off the medications even the Prilosec because what was giving me the acid reflux, heartburn, gas, etc.. was all the junk I was eating. I haven't had an issue with my stomach since changing my diet. I am so happy and grateful to the doctor who told me to take responsibility for my health. This has been a beautiful experience and the lessons that I learned have been enlightening. I am so much happier, clearer, I feel good about myself, feel proud of myself for making such a beautiful decision and sticking with it. My energy has shifted, my timeline, and my consciousness. These experiences and this journey have made me realize that this is also part of being in alignment. I realized you can't take care of the body and not the mind and spirit and vise versa they are all connected. There is no being in alignment if you are not taking care of all of yourself. When you are fully in alignment all that you have tried to manifest and more things you never even thought of manifesting will manifest into your reality, your life. I had an epiphany this isn't just about aligning but also synchronicity this all started on the New Moon in Scorpio, which brings the power of inner transformation. Two weeks before the Full Moon in Taurus and the Lunar Eclipse and the eclipses bring closure and end of a cycle. 

Are you ready to make the necessary changes in your life to be in alignment, balanced, and stable? 

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