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Jan. 11, 2022

What Does It Mean To Be In Alignment

What Does It Mean To Be In Alignment

Hello, Beautiful Souls 


I chose to write about this topic next because I feel it is very important to understand what being in alignment means when healing, manifesting, and creating. Why? Healing is not the only part of the process being in alignment is too. I am sure many of you heard things like “being in alignment with your highest path and purpose” or even “you have to be in alignment.” Many have asked me to write about this and explain what it means and I am also going to be on the Transformative Soul Signals Podcast with Lynnessa and we are going to help you better understand the concept and what it entails. This has been my experience and what I have learned on my healing journey. I read a lot of books, saw videos on YouTube, even attended many classes and training that all had very important topics in common like consciousness, mindfulness, awareness, letting go, forgiveness, etc. One of the many things I kept hearing and wasn’t understanding the how of it is “being in alignment”. I was so confused because every time I thought I was in alignment I would find out I wasn't. I couldn't figure out why, I mean I was doing the healing, the shadow work, inner child work, or at least I thought I was.


Fear can stop us from doing things that are for our best and highest good. Whether it is because of abuse, trauma, the way we were conditioned growing up, or society said we should or shouldn't, whatever the cause of the fear it is one of the many emotions and thoughts that can debilitate us from moving forward. Stop us from doing what is for our best and highest good and from being in alignment. I realized that being in alignment is releasing that fear and not allowing the thought and emotions to stop me from doing what is for my best and highest good.


What thoughts and emotions? 


1. I am not deserving

2. I am not worthy

3. I am not good enough

4. I don't have what it takes


That is just to name a few.


Yes, the thought and emotion of fear will still be there but having the courage to move past the fear will help you release the fear and you will realize that the fear is just a thought that creates the emotion. The only way it can stop you or hold you back is if you allow it to. I realized I was doing the healing but I wasn't getting out of my comfort zone because I was afraid of the unknown. I didn't realize that staying stuck in my comfort zone by not moving past my fears and moving forward (taking action) was why I wasn't in alignment. I was speaking the words that I am healing and letting go but my emotions and thoughts were projecting fear.


When we are doing any type of releasing, for example, cleansing and balancing our Chakras, guided meditation for releasing trauma, shadow, or inner child work it is important to move that energy out because if you don't move the energy you just released it will stay stuck and stagnant. I was shocked when I found this out. It is very important to move this energy like going for a walk, exercises to move the body, or even yoga. For example; releasing the fear of speaking in public the idea is to move past the fear to move that energy and release. Think of it this way you move past the fear and speak in public and realize there is no more fear because you moved past it and released that energy by taking action you got out of your comfort zone and moved that energy out. You can start with something small that will empower you to help move past the fear. That is what it means to be in alignment and what it entails moving past those thoughts which create the emotions and doing what you have been in fear of doing (taking action) which, moves the energy out. It's like freeing your mind, how? by releasing your mind of judgment, comparison, competition, categorizing, etc. This is why you are on your healing journey and have been doing your shadow and inner child work to release those thoughts that create the feeling of fear. Yes, fear is just a thought that creates the feeling and when you release these fears the Universe will open wide and bestow blessings upon you. The things you have been trying to manifest and want to create in your life are suddenly happening. You are moving old energy out to make space for new energy to come in. Remember, if you are projecting fear you are creating and manifesting more things to fear. When you see for yourself and have that epiphany it is going to encourage you to do it more often and you will experience profound happiness. There are going to be some things that are going to be more difficult than others and that is okay. Remember to be gentle and kind to yourself and be in the practice of self–care and self-love. I recommend when on a healing journey it is very important to have a self-care routine that includes either yoga, walking, exercise, or even dancing to move the energy of those thoughts and emotions out, and don't forget to have fun. 

Lynnessa and I will be discussing more on the Transformative Soul Signals Podcast this episode is coming soon there are other episodes available. The direct links are provided on my website in the podcast section. www.take-abreath.com


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