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Aug. 15, 2022

The Unconscious Mind

The Unconscious Mind

We all have both a conscious and unconscious mind. In this episode "The Unconscious Mind," I will discuss and expand on the concept of the Unconscious. The role that the unconscious mind plays in our motives, thoughts, personality, and decisions is an incredibly significant one. Many substantial and disturbing things about ourselves are hidden in our unconscious minds and sometimes they are put there to protect us. Whether we are aware of it or not whatever is in our unconscious influences us. This is where our large parts of our true personality reside, if we are ever to be whole, complete human beings we must integrate these parts into our subconscious. This unconscious place is called The Shadow.

In this episode, I am going to delve deeper into

  • What the shadow is.
  • How it impacts us.
  • How to release what it holds so that we can be who we are truly meant to be.
  • The benefits of doing Shadow Work.
  • The misconception of the Shadow being “bad.”

This work is called Shadow Work and to understand why we act the way we do we must do Shadow Work and glean insight into our unconscious.

This might not be easy because it entails.

  • Uncovering painful and sometimes traumatic experiences.
  • Self-reflection and self-awareness.
  • Identifying triggers.
  • Being aware of when and what you are projecting onto others.

Shadow Work will be one of the many most important work you will do in your entire life.

All the Love