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March 11, 2022

Personal Boundaries

Personal Boundaries

One of the many wonderful things about awakening is being able to take your power back. You start regaining your personal power when you start loving yourself. One of the many things loving yourself entails is not allowing others to continue treating you in ways that are harmful and unhealthy to all those involved. Setting strong personal boundaries is a very effective way to lovingly and kindly communicate to others that certain behaviors are unacceptable. I am also learning how those poor personal boundaries determined how people were going to treat me. Now that I perceive things differently than before I am realizing how important these strong personal boundaries are.

It is our responsibility to develop strong personal boundaries. I understand and have compassion for myself because I realized that it was my parents, family members, traumas, and past experiences that contributed to my poor personal boundaries. A good example of this is when I was young I was always punished for speaking up, especially about the abuse that was going on at home. Let me ask you this …how many times did you punish your kids for saying no? Now when my grandchildren say “no” I evaluate the situation and explain why but I don’t punish them for it. I had no idea that punishing a child for saying “no” can cause the child to develop poor personal boundaries. I did it because that was done to me growing up so I didn’t know any better I thought that was normal. I am so grateful for my experiences and lessons because I can speak to my kids about it to enable them to become aware that they do not have to repeat the same mistakes I made. It’s time to break the chains of a vicious cycle and do things differently. When you do this it helps to heal your Ancestral Lineage, changes timelines, and you are creating a better future for the future generation as a whole. To explain it better by breaking these vicious cycles you are sending very strong positive frequency waves into the Universe that will continue to vibrate for many future generations to come in your family, which will then extend out to others because we are all connected.

Once you have come to this realization it is your responsibility to start developing strong boundaries.

Once the healing process begins try to take notice of whether you are

· Giving away too much of your time.

· Feeling like people are taking you for granted.

· In a very toxic relationship.

· Always giving and the others are always taking.

· Attracting people who try to dominate and/or control you.


In episode 7 Lynessa and I will be discussing;

· What are personal boundaries and why they are important.

· The benefits of creating strong boundaries.

· We will also share some ideas of how to create strong personal boundaries.


Here is a question to help you get started;  (Journal everything this will help you keep track.)

Is there a part of developing personal boundaries that makes you feel anxious or afraid? (Journal everything this will help you keep track.)

1. Dig deep and ask yourself… why?

2. Explore why it is important to you and why you see it to be bad (bad as in terms of it makes you feel anxious and afraid so you would ask yourself something like “why is that so bad)?

When you answer these questions be as honest as possible with yourself. It can be scary to look at ourselves but just think of how much better you are going to feel because you are healing. You are on a journey to be who you truly are.

All the Love

Monique (Willow)



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